• blanck checks

    blanck checks

    twisted checkbook
    made to live without limits – each check includes the horizon
    has to be always carried of oneself in case of a compelling urge to express some gesture of ‘infinite’

    bilingal object – 30 pages – 21 x 8 x 0,5 cm
    limited edition of 300 numbered copies
    made in Paris
    photo courtesy of Eric Valdenaire

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  • 2 graines de bonheur

    enamelled porcelain seed

    enamelled porcelain seed ( pink) or faïence ( red) + linen thread – necklace
    fabulous talismans -present for birth / rebirth – a lovely idea
    ( precautions for use : do not swallow )
    conceptual object made in Paris



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  • Major heartache hanky

    Major heartache hanky

    embroidered antique bed sheet
    metis 50%linen 50% cotton
    various sizes
    unique pieces
    made in France
    photo courtesy of Eric Valdenaire

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  • climatic game

    climatic game

    climatic game #1
    to make the sun shine or make it rain, child’s play
    intimate meteorology
    A twofold purpose :
    1-morning ritual: roll the pebbles like dices, then read the weather, outside or inside oneself.

    2- lucky charm: a good luck pebble to keep with you

    4 handmade porcelain stones + instructions for use printed on tracing paper
    porcelain climatic game made in Paris

    hand silk-printed glossy white box 8x8x3 cm

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  • 4 therapeutic postcards

    4 therapeutic postcards

    set of 4 original postcards:
    1. visual silence, 2. oxygen for the eyes, 3. a real magic wand, 4. general vacation
    made in France
    photo courtesy of Eric Valdenaire

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  • 1 meter of horizon / pocket horizon

    1 meter of horizon / pocket horizon

    a corrupted tape mesure – with no graduations but exactly 1 meter of horizon

    always have about one’s person a pocket, backup horizon
    a sea blue horizon within arm’s reach, within sight as an instant and life-saving alternative to the systematic vision of urban buildings
    1 meter of horizon in front of you
    photographic print on tarpaulin . metal finishing
    new limited edition of 100 numbered copies
    bilingual object – new blue – baltic blue
    pocket horizon made in Ile-de-France

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