• oceanic teacloth

    oceanic teacloth

    embroidered ocean on teacloth (50% linen, 50% cotton) size : 70×57 cm atmospheric teacloth embroidered in Bourgogne ( France) made in collaboration with Chambre12 limited embroidered edition of 300 copies – metal eyelet finishing – paper banner pack  

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  • a porcelain seed of happiness / potential

    a porcelain seed of happiness / potential

    enamelled porcelain seed + linen thread – necklace
    fabulous talismans -present for birth / rebirth – a lovely idea
    ( precautions for use : do not swallow )
    conceptual object made in Paris

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  • restfull apron

    restfull apron

    restfull apron ( mattress)
    symbolic tool
    135x107x5 cm
    conceptual unique piece
    no shipping

    photo courtesy of Eric Valdenaire

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  • a sparkling laugh

    a sparkling laugh

    chain + medal
    gold-platted jewel
    A sparkling laugh medal

    christening jewels inspiration; a sparkling laugh, in guise of universal religion, sacred motto, such an essential and precious life principle to rejoice in candor, levity, innocence, and retain the soul in childhood
    a anti-gloom jewel elixir
    dosage:  use without moderation: at least once a day
    medal diameter :1,5 cm
    chain length/ 46 cm
    made in Paris
    photo courtesy of Eric Valdenaire

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  • blanck checks

    blanck checks

    twisted checkbook
    made to live without limits – each check includes the horizon
    has to be always carried of oneself in case of a compelling urge to express some gesture of ‘infinite’

    bilingal object – 30 pages – 21 x 8 x 0,5 cm
    limited edition of 300 numbered copies
    made in Paris
    photo courtesy of Eric Valdenaire

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  • 3 clairvoyant dice

    3 clairvoyant dice

    personal divining device –
    trilingual set :
    1 die in English / pragmatic,
    1 die in French / poetic,
    1 die in Italian / rhythmical-
    the combination of all three dice suggests a state of mind, a cosmic arousal

    die size : 2x2x2cm –
    glossy white box : 9x9x6,5 cm
    rules of the game printed on tracing paper
    limited edition of 500 copies
    screen printed by hand in Paris

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